Lip Piercings

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When getting your lip pierced, avoid using a hoop until it is fully healed.  Lips are prone to swelling, I’ve seen some really big swellings too, and the hoop would quickly become embedded and create lots of unwanted problems.

Baring in mind that they are prone to swelling, it is always worth starting with a longer bar than you are going to need.  It is much easier to ask your piercer to reduce the size of the bar, most piercers will suggest this, than have jewellery that it too tight.

Positioning, faces aren’t symmetrical so once the initial mark is done take time to smile, pout whatever in the mirror to ensure that you are happy with any movement   that you are likely to get.  My smile is so lopsided a central lip piercing for me would only be straight when my face was in the same position when it was marked up.  A considerate piercer will advise and give you time to consider.

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Septum Piercing

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The septum piercing is very popular at the moment, and has come along way from being the ‘fringe’ or ‘edgy’ piercing it once was considered.  With an extensive range of jewellery available for your healed piercing.

We opt for using a horseshoe as the initial jewellery.  The horseshoe means that you can’t be tempted to spin/twist the jewellery that you can do with a full hoop.  Moving a fresh piercing too much can actually slow the healing process down along with increasing the chance of introduce bacteria leading to possible infection.

Initial jewellery should always allow for any inflammatory (swell) that can occur over the first few days, you should also be able to clean around the entrance/exit of the piercing site easily.

We usually suggest leaving your initial jewellery in for at least 6 to 8 weeks before being tempted to swap it.

Horseshoe jewellery will also allow you to flip your septum piercing out of sight should you need too, although we don’t recommend doing this for the first few days.

Septum piercings will also close over quickly if you don’t keep jewellery in.  There are lots of retainer options available if required.

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