Industrial or Scaffold

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This piercing is known either as the Scaffolding or Industrial, it remains a popular piercing but isn’t suitable for all ear shapes.  Cartilage in our ears is used to mould the different shapes and you need to make sure that once fitted the bar isn’t likely to touch or rub along the inside of the ear.

They can also be tricky to heal, and patience is definitely needed.  The initial bar is going to be longer than you will need in the long term but does enable any inflammatory reaction (a slight swell) and for you to thoroughly clean around the entrance and exit.

The piercing can be done in one sitting, but remember that you will be having two cartilage piercings in one day (ouch).  However it can also be split into two sittings, if this is the chosen option we prefer to do the upper piercing first using a smaller bar.

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