What Laser Removal can do for you and your Tattoo.

via What Laser Removal can do for you and your Tattoo.


What Laser Removal can do for you and your Tattoo.

We’re going to share a customer’s journey from tattoo regret to tattoo reprieve and in fact now tattoo pride.

So you’ve got your first tattoo, and after changing your mind you’ve asked for it to be covered up.  However unfortunately, not all cover-ups work out as expected, and can often leave the person just as dissatisfied as they were with their original tattoo.

Where we got involved was one Saturday, after seeing the challenge that had been set for us. A challenge that was going to involve a lot of tattoo laser removal sessions, before we could even contemplate starting to cover this particular piece.


However it does go to show that if you are committed enough, what can be achieved.

We started to laser this piece in November 2015, in total he had 13 sessions every 6 weeks.  He never missed a single appointment; our last laser session was in February 2017.


Allowing plenty of time for his skin to fully heal prior to coming in for his first tattoo appointment in May.

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Even after the initial line work, the original tattoo was no longer distinguishable. The end result has not only exceeded expectations, but also has changed his opinion on tattooing and on being a tattooed person. He is currently working on a new piece, where there are no restrictions or compromises.

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We see this a lot with customers,  it seems that if you have had tattoo regret you no longer view tattooing as something that is right for you.  And people are often hopeful that they will be able to achieve total removal.  We will never guarantee total removal and with this particular piece we never felt that total removal with our laser was going to be an option.