Bees and Honeycomb


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Cherry Blossom


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Skeleton Fight from Jason and the Argonauts


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Booking your Tattoo

You’ve pondered the images on your mobile devises you’ve saved images via your Pintrest profile and have decided that you are now ready for the next step.

As the majority of our work is custom designed; which means that we want to create you a unique piece of work. Our artists would prefer to sit down with you and talk through all your ideas. As we want you to have a tattoo that you are going to be proud to wear and show off, so they will offer suggestions or alternatives if they think that you will end up with a better result. It is also a good time to ask all those questions and alleviate any concerns that you may have. So to start your tattoo journey…

Booking your Consultation

  • Telephone the studio and book a consultation with the artist of your choice. Consultations are free and there is no obligation to proceed with us after. Please be aware that calling in on the off chance may mean that you don’t get to speak to one of the artists. We do not disturb them once they are working with their customer.   Due to how busy we are we are unable to make appointments via email etc. as we can’t hold appointments open while we waiting for a response which has been known to be 24 hours later.
  • Bring any imagery to the consultation that will help you explain what you want for your tattoo.
  • If you are happy to proceed, your artist will find you an appointment. This acts as their deadline to produce your artwork.
  • All appointments have to be secured by a non-refundable deposit, this deposit also secures our artists time creating your design. Unfortunately due to how busy we can be, we are not in the position to produce any commissioned drawings on the ‘off chance’. The deposit comes off the final price of your tattoo on the day.

Prior to your Appointment

  • Prior to your appointment, if this has been agreed, you will receive your design by email usually a day or two before (check your spam/junk boxes too). This is your opportunity to carefully consider your design. You will not offend our artists if you wish to make any changes; they are commercial artists and want you to be completely happy with your design. Once you have committed to us with your deposit, we will keep adjusting your artwork even if it means we have to move your appointment.
  • Once the design has been approved you are then ready for your appointment.
  • If your design is likely to take a number of sittings we will ask that you ‘roll’ your deposit over until the final sitting to secure forthcoming appointments and any artwork that may need to be produced.

Appointment Day

  • If you could arrive for your first appointment 5 or 10 minutes before as there is some paperwork that needs to be completed. We follow the Challenge 25 guidelines, so it is advisable to bring photographic ID with you. We only accept passports or driving licences, we will not tattoo anyone that we feel is under age, or is providing false documents.
  • We endeavour to be ready on time; sometimes however we do run over. This could be for a number of reasons, the last customer was late arriving, or needed more breaks than anticipated, there were last minute and unexpected changes to artwork. Wherever possible we will let you know if this is the case, but you are welcome to wait in the studio.
  • Make sure that you are rested and well fed. Honestly it makes a difference.

Extra Info

  • Sorry but we cannot be responsible for looking after or have children in the studio while you are being tattooed.
  • We are more than happy for you to be accompanied to your tattoo appointment by a friend or family member. But we do reserve the right to ask someone to leave if we feel that they are disrupting your appointment or distracting our artists.
  • It is okay to feel nervous; we will do our best to reassure you. Please feel free to ask any questions that you may have regarding your tattoo and the process.
  • Let us know if you feel unwell or need to take a break at any stage. A few minutes and a cuppa to give you time to re-group is often all that is needed before continuing.
  • Whilst our studios are private and it is important that you are comfortable, and that our artists can easily access the area that is to be tattooed so it is worth considering what you wear to your appointment. For some locations you may wish to bring a towel with you to ensure your dignity, as we do not have towels or clothing here that can be used.