Why are You Having a Tattoo?

During our lives we make numerous decisions and will spend considerable time pondering whether to change employment, move house or which shoes to buy; but often when it comes to getting tattooed rash decisions are made with minimal considerations for the implications. 

Tattoos are meant to be permanent; but customers will bounce through their tattooist’s doors wanting to be tattooed without really knowing what design or script that they want let alone having looked at their chosen studio’s portfolio.  Whilst laser technology has improved over the years to remove a tattoo can be not only be costly, painful, but also a lengthy process and for some people total removal will never be achieved.  As tattooing becomes more popular we doubt that there are many people who cannot relay a horror story or knows someone who now regrets their tattoo choices.  So knowing this it would seem obvious to approach getting your tattoo with caution.

Offering Laser Tattoo Removal means we are privy on a regular occurrence to some of the choices people have made and have subsequently regretted.  These range from showing your undying devotion by having your lovers name tattooed to popular cartoon characters and logos chosen through a spontaneous or youthful desire to be tattooed.  And more worryingly homemade tattoos done not only in a friend’s kitchen with a kit brought from the Internet, but unfortunately this friend also thought that they were artistic. 

To have a tattoo just because you think it will look cool or because it is the latest fashion or you think it will be funny is never a good idea.  Taking tattoo images from our favourite celebrity isn’t always wise either; since Cheryl Cole’s roses have gone public we have had an increase in requests for not only cover-ups but also for large roses. Tattoos are often seen as an expression of yourself and are felt therefore that they should be a representation of who you are and even perhaps what you’ve been through.  And whilst a commonly heard statement regarding tattoos is ‘how will you feel about your tattoo when you are old’ should not stop you having a tattoo but it should make you consider the imagery and the positioning of your tattoo.  For example the song lyric’s that spoke to you at 18 will rarely mean the same to you when you are 30. 

Many people are also price driven and will choose to opt for cheaper tattoo artists; thinking that all tattooists are the same.  And then unsuspecting customer who has been promised a fully designed sleeve similar to David Beckham’s but at a fraction of the price is then left disappointed; because unfortunately not all tattoo artists do have the same ability. Remember what you may feel is expensive today is going to be there forever, so surely it has to be worth some investment. You should never think of your tattoo as just good enough it should be as breathtakingly elaborate or as simple as you want it to be.

Cover-ups are also used as a way to hide bad decisions, with people having been told that they can have their tattoo embarrassment hidden.  Then expecting their tattoo artist to perform miracles, which are not always possible.  A studio may not be prepared to work on a tattoo that is not to the standard that they would normally have leaving their studio.  Although people may have lived with their tattoo regret for some time, it seems that once they have decided that their ink needs to be repaired or hidden this once again done in haste and the customer is still left disappointed.Image


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