Tattoo It Like Beckham

We are fascinated by celebrities and their lives, even when we don’t go out of our way to copy them celebrities styles will creep into our lives.   For thousands of years people have looked up to individuals who receive attention because they have succeeded in a society. Historically this would have meant respecting good hunters and elders.  So now we look, and are actively encouraged to do so, towards celebrities, whose fame, fortune and style we want to follow.

Un-surprisingly celebrities also have a significant impact on the tattoos we choose to have.  David Beckham being one of those celebrities is reportedly said to have thirty two tattoos and unlike many people does not regret any of them; saying it is because each tattoo has a meaning.  Four of David Beckham’s thirty two tattoos are for his children. 

David Beckham’s black and grey tattoos have become part of his trade mark and have been the inspiration behind many sleeve and back piece’s, and also an increase in angel tattoos. 

If you decide to follow your favourite celebrities’ style of tattoo, or any tattoo at all, it should be a considered decision.  Remember that tattoos are permanent and they should not be chosen lightly. It is not advisable to get a tattoo just because you think it will “look cool” or it is the current trend.  Meaningful script or song lyrics when you are twenty may not be as meaningful at forty.  If you are looking for unique piece of art your artist when asked will be able to tell you what are the current popular designs and styles; to help guide your decision.

Whilst you may wish to follow the design style from your celebrity hero, tattoos are often considered to be an expression of self and a representation of who you are or what you’ve been through.  Your chosen artist should be able to make your tattoo design speak for itself.   Your design should be as memorably striking or as modest as you want it to be.


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