The Saline Soak

Whilst our favoured aftercare product for your new piercing is to use good quality antibacterial hand soap; the occasional irritated piercing is still going to happen.  The saline soak is one of the better things that you can do to help your new or sore piercing.  A mild saltwater solution can be used to irrigate, cleanse and rejuvenates your cells.  It can also reduce any unwanted crispiness around the piercing site, which will prevent any trapped cell or skin particles which is often the cause of the lumps and bumps around the piercing site.  Without thorough cleansing of your new piercing you can dramatically slow down the healing process. 

You can make your own saline solution, but if you do make your own saline solution please use a fine grain sea salt which is preferable to table salt which can contain additives; and distilled or bottled water.  If you use boiled water it should have been at a rolling boil for at least one minute. 

For each 250ml of warm water add ¼ teaspoon of fine grain sea salt.

Using warm water will help to stimulate blood flow open your capillaries and transport oxygen to the piercing site.  The temperature of the water should be similar to that of a hot drink.

Be careful not to make the solution too strong because if it contains more salt than your blood you stand the chance of irritating your skin.  You may find that using saline salt soaks you may cause your skin to become dry, so it is important to rinse the area thoroughly after each soak.   Make a fresh solution every time you soak your piercing.


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