Choosing your Tattoo Artist

ImageThere are many different styles and design of tattoos available today. Depending on the technical skill and creativity of your artist tattoos can be made to look like a water colour painting, metal, an open wound etc.  But what your tattoo ends up looking like is limited to your artist.  You need to make sure you choose a tattoo artist that is passionate about art and proficient with their tools.

The better the tattoo artist the more they can charge much more money compared to others; and what you are paying for is their skill to produce for you the piece of art that you want. It is the same with any other business, the rules of supply and demand does not escape the tattooing industry. This does not mean you need to be rich in order to get a beautiful tattoo, but perhaps you need to appreciate that patience will get you the piece of art you desire.  Your artist should be willing to work in stages with you, and should not be happy to compromise their artist ability.

When researching your artist, make sure you look at their tattoo portfolio in detail to see how well they are executed. There have been cases where the tattoo artist has digitally manipulate the tattoo picture they’ve published, or have posted other peoples work via their media for ideas which have been misleading.  Most tattoo pictures are taken the day of getting their tattoo, so not only won’t look their best but you will also have no idea if certain colours stayed, or if the area got too overworked, and scabbed up really badly the next day.



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