Laser Removal

Laser Removal.


Laser Removal

The amount of ink within a tatoo can also affect laser tattoo removal.  The difference in the amount of ink likes within the type of tattoo the person has – professional or amateur.  Amateur tattoos are usually placed unevenly in the superficial dermis and tend to contatin less in that a professional artist.  Meaning that the amateur tattoo tends to respond quicker to laser treatment.  Professional tattoos on the other hand tend to lie deeper in the dermis and have a greater density of pigment.

Custom Designed Personal Artwork

ImageOur research has shown that lots of tattooist will copy artwork for their customers. While we have an extensive collection of ‘Flash’ art (pre-prepared art to choose from), we prefer to create unique tattoos for our customer. We offer a free consultation service and will work closely with you to ensure you get the tattoo you really want.