Snug Piercing

The snug or as it is sometimes called the anti-helix or anti-tragus is the ridge of the inner cartilage.  The snug piercing can be one of the more painful piercings, and can take on average 3 – 9months to heal, although more realistically 12 months.

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As with all new piercings, thorough aftercare is essential but with the snug you have to take into account its position.  They are easily knocked when combing hair, and hair can easily tangle around them.  A fresh pillow case is a good idea, and either keep it away from your phone or keep your phone super clean.

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Cover-up Tattoo

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A cover-up tattoo doesn’t have to be bigger and darker if you are patient and consider having a few laser sessions first.  We were able to fade this initial down enough that the cover-up design by Alex was delicate and feminine.

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Fine Detailed Tattoo

This piece still needs a final sitting to see it fully finished.  The detail that Justin has been able to pick out is really down to his customer.  This particular customer wanted an exceptional piece, and knew that to achieve what he wanted he would have to commit to the time that picking this detail out would need.  It is in fact very true that if you want and good tattoo, and one that will stand the test of time you need to consider the cost and the time that it will take.

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This has been done with grey lining, and in sections.  The top piece is now fully healed.

Justin would be more than happy to sit down and talk through your ideas, consultations are free with no obligation to proceed after.  If you do proceed with us, we will send artwork out ahead of the appointment so you can see your design and request any changes.

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