Tartan Ripped Skin Tattoo

The ripped or torn skin tattoo is a popular design, allowing customers imagination to go wild in what they choose to reveal.

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Dax managed to recreate the look of fabric perfectly with this piece of tartan being revealed.

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It also fits perfectly on the calf, and is certainly going to be a talking point.  Still amazes me what good tattoo artists can create on the human form with pins!

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Septum Piercing

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Starting with a horseshoe allows for any swelling, and it can’t be moved too much during the healing period.  Hoops do encourage people to spin them through which will slow down your healing and potentially introduce bacteria.

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My Tattoo has gone Wrong.

Imagine the scene, you have just walked out of your tattoo studio and got home.  You are maybe carefully peeling the dressing back to take a long a careful look at your new ink.  Only to find out that it didn’t turn out how you wanted, there is the dreaded spelling mistake, or you just plain hate it.  What do you do?

We recently received two phone calls from people in this situation enquiring about laser removal. One with a 6-day old tattoo, and the other having just had the tattoo that morning.

This prompted us to write this latest blog about the advice that they were both given by the person that they approached before us on how to solve the dreaded tattoo error.

First thing to do, is not to panic, remember that there will always be a solution!

–       Keep your new tattoo clean and look after it as if it was your favourite whilst it is healing. –       Do not scrub your new tattoo.  Tattoo ink sits in the second layer of your skin to ‘scrub’ your tattoo away you would need to remove a lot of skin!
–       Allow at least 4 weeks before letting your tattoo artist tattoo the area again. Your skin should be fully healed before being tattooed. –       Do not ask your tattooist to go over it with white ink.  It will not hide/fade the tattoo and will only make a slight difference if any to how your tattoo looks. It will certainly make laser removal more difficult in the future.
–       Allow between 4 -6  weeks before commencing laser removal. –       Do not let your tattoo artist tattoo with water over your tattoo.  It will not ‘water down’ the ink, and will increase the chance of scarring.
–       Do seek advice from a reputable studio who can talk you through all your options.  If necessary, speak to more than one studio. They won’t mind if you ask to see some examples. –       Do not let your tattoo artist tattoo the area again in a way to deliberately cause the tattoo to scab so that you can pick it during healing.
–       Remember that there is no such thing as a quick fix. –       Do not be tempted with cream or other caustic chemicals.  You will more than likely cause scarring.
–       Do take your time, you should not feel pressurised into deciding on how to proceed. –       And a more extreme method belt sander or dremel. Not only ouch, but it will scar!

–       Don’t be tempted by quick fixes, in the long term these can not only take longer to repair or laser and can work out to be more expensive in the long term

Remember that cover-ups do have to be bigger and darker, using a laser to fade your tattoo will mean you and your artist will have more options.

Laser removal takes numerous sessions, especially for a new tattoo.  We would love to get rid of your tattoo quickly, but it is going to take patience and time.

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Laser Tattoo Removal

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The majority of the time we use our laser to lighten an existing tattoo for a cover-up. Whilst we, nor anyone else, should ever guarantee total removal in some cases it is possible.

There are too many variables to predict whether you will be able to accomplish total removal.  Some of these are, the depth of the ink, the type of the ink, the age of the tattoo, the skill of your artist, your own immune system.

Total removal will take numerous sessions, and before embarking on removal it is important that you keep this in mind before starting the journey.


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